My beauty isn’t the valuable commodity it once was,
I’ve gone to off-the-rack from haute couture.
You can exchange me for the latest fashion,
but you will always feel the weight of my laughter
freshly pressed against your chest late at night. 
You’ll remember when even silence was comfortable
and light—the way a smile could bury our sin.
There’s a receipt here which itemizes
the price of an innocence you misunderstood.
Kept to remind me how expensive everything is
in this house we’ve refurbished with our discord,
and that I’ll always be one luxury you cannot afford.

© jolen 2023
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I loved this, read it twice as its subtle message unfolds slowly and thoughtfully.
Personally I would liken myself to jumble waiting for a short sighted buyer 🙂 Sue x


Love this extended metaphor Jolen, very well penned and much enjoyed. Keith


An excellent read. I am not sure if I could call it an ode to laughter because there are many other shades in the poem that also talk of a failing love, in my opinion. It is beautifully sad. Loved the name. Indeed!


Well kudos to the thoughts that are behind the making of the poem. It wouldn’t have come from a mind who is unable to see the capturing ‘commodity’ that is slowly taking over self., On another level, the poem is also trying to equate love as one. This is the frightening truth (of course this is not the first time you experience reading about it) that scares you away and yet attracts you towards the poem, to come back and re-read. My blessings.

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