Beethoven’s immortally beloved


The problem is, we don’t know who she was.
We only know, that she was his “immortally beloved”,
and it couldn’t have been anyone.
He had a number of admiring ladies,
pupils, countesses and princesses,
but his idea of sex was somewhat paradoxical:
“With women, their body has no soul,
and their soul has no body.”
So how could he reach them?
By his music only,
as with Leonora in his only opera,
one of the most intriguing,
sympathetic, charming ladies
in all literature of opera and music;
and there are authentic testimonies,
that he always was in love.
So we will have to just resign.
The name of his immortally beloved
will discreetly be unknown forever
while the only certain thing is
that he loved the more.


© aurelio 2023
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