These are four poems written during the last days of my dear wife.I wrote them whilst being with her until the end, caring for her in hospital 24 hours a day, thanks to the compassion of the medical and nursing staff.I felt privileged to be with Edna.The last poem was written after her cremation.

Sad Thoughts.

What can I say?

What can I do?

I’m so distressed

losing you.


We’ve been together all those years

seventy all told.

We loved each other when we were young

and we still do now we are old.


In time to come

who knows where  we’ll be

our love will still be there

throughout eternity.






Where have all the years gone

all the years of our life,

since we met on Royston Heath

my Darling Eddy, my wife?


We loved each other all those years,

we love each other yet,

we’ll love each other for evermore

a love without regret.


But the time has come to say farewell 

its so sad that you must go

but I hope as far I can tell

it isn’t the end you know.





Life is not always full of fun,

its like the mighty sea,

it lifts you up to the top of the wave,

and it drops you as fast as can be.


Our life together has been like that

many times we were dropped down

but we had many times on the crest of the wave

as we moved from town to town.


However there was always something

that was there for you and me

t’was our constant love for each other

from the start to eternity.


The time has come now to say farewell

but I’m sure we’ll meet again

when or where, no one can tell

but our love will be the same.


So for the last time let me say

I love you my  darling Ed,

I love you like I have always done

since the day that we were wed.




You are on your final journey now

across a deep blue sea

a sea without waves a sea without tides,

a sea of tranquility.


It won’t be long now and  you will arrive 

on the shores of the promised land,

where folks whom you knew,

who came there before

are waiting to hold your hand.


Don’t be afraid my darling,

there are no worries or pain.

its a beautiful ,place

unlike our earth,

where we shall meet again.


Nobody knows when that will be,

it is not in our hand,

but I know that you will wait for me

at he the end of my journey across the sea

to once again hold my hand.




© pommer 2023
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Beautifully expressed Peter. So sorry for your loss, I fully understand what you are going through, and my thoughts are with you.
Val xx


I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear wife, Peter, and send you my condolences.
Reading your poems I can see that you are able to derive some comfort by writing about your happy memories and the pain you have felt at losing Edna.
My best wishes, Luigi.

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