The terrible case of Laila Roth


My own documentary

She never showed her face,

insisting on her anonymity and privacy

to better cultivate her concentration

on her thoughts on writing and communication

and collecting art to share

just for the sake of taste and beauty.

This was taken as a provocation

and misunderstood completely,

so she was repeatedly reported,

blocked, had her account disabled and suspended

and was finally locked out;

and all her protests against violation

of her freedom of expression, thought and privacy

was met by the intolerance of mortal silence.

Finally she was admitted back if only she submitted

an ID and legal evidence of her existence,

as if her output of six years of art and poetry

was not enough. Her argument for not complying

is that facebook has no right to claim her identification

since she never made a legal business of her art and poetry,

made no transactions and used only her right of communication

and of privacy, which facebook violates most blatantly.

That is the awesome challenge of a single woman

against the suppressiveness, autocracy, intolerance

and almost persecution of a private user

only because she is what she is.

© lailaroth 2023
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Facebook has started sending me friend suggestions from people I travel with on the train because it thinks I sit with them every day, The stuff I look at online appears as adverts on other web pages, Where will it all end ? and yes its easy to fall foul of the cyber police, I sympathize with such predicaments. Best Keith


I never thought I would come across a poem about Facebook! The basic truth is, Facebook is a business. It isn’t there to provide a service, it’s there to make money out of advertising. The only aspect of your existence that interests Facebook is your consumer profile. What adverts you’re likely to respond to, what spam they and their ilk should be sending you. There’s a brilliant novel called The Circle by Dave Eggers. You’ve got to read it!

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