Mozart’s clever wife


He was hopeless,
never could keep anything in order,
lost his income on the pools
and always ill since childhood,
when his father drove him on too hard.
He loved her elder sister,
who refused him for his wantonness,
and so he married little sister Constance,
who would compensate her lack of beauty,
which had been her sister’s,
with considerable skill and sensibility.
When Mozart died too young and deep in debt,
most of his works were in a mess, unpublished;
but she undertook to organize them,
married consul Nissen,
moved to Copenhagen
and in good time published all her husband’s work
in perfect order making fortunes.
Without her, nine tenths of all his works
would surely have been lost forever.


(She survived him 50 years and died at 80.)

© aurelio 2023
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A factual piece from a slanted view, I found to be an interesting read. best Keith

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