The darker, the sharper

As you travel

waywardly, unwillingly

along the Via Dolorosa

down the drain of life

and meet with all kinds of adversities,

while only death evades you

with its grim ironic grin

forever mocking life in frozen glee,

you will eventually fall down

and find it difficult to rise again,

while cruel humanity just doesn’t care

and pass you by if they don’t scorn you,

you will find another way to lead you on

but downwards further down the drain,

where you will find a dark alternative reality

of so called hell, a sinister reality of more sincerity

that dares to see things through and face the truth

and speak it out and stand for it; and you will find

that sort of more explicit and direct reality

more practical and real than mundane ignorance

of lies, hypocrisy, delusions and illusions

of the fake society that only lives by escapism.

© lailaroth 2023
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Not sure if this an ekphrastic piece or not but the title is great and intersting how you take on Christ’s walk with the cross. Best Keith

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