Surviving your death


It’s only difficult the first time.

Once you get used to it,

it’s easier every time,

as it becomes self-evident

as something of an option

of some permanence

and a routine of thinking.

The first time, though,

it is terrible indeed

and shocking, more to those who know you

than to you yourself, as it is natural to you

and you will realize and understand too soon

that death is only just another portal to be opened,

and the most important one, to the eterinty of truth.

There are innumerable cases who have staged their death

just to get on and get away from mortal troubles

like your own mortality,

and although most of them have disappeared,

they did most of them find another better life

just to be able to go on with the advancement of their life.

So death is really just a reason and excuse,

justification and a way for life.

© lailaroth 2023
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Interesting, I found the ideas here fascinating and would like to read more on this theme. Sue.


A fascinating subject – enjoyed the read.


very interesting ideas.

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