This was one of my first posts on UKA. It has been altered a little from the original.
The poem was inspired by a disaster which happened some years ago. 

No Critique please – but comments welcome.

“Has anyone heard people calling?”
The man in the black cape said –
“Has anyone seen people passing?”
As the hood blew back from his head.

He was tired and weary, chilled to the bone,
Torment had long passed him by –
He just wanted the chance for redemption,
As he once more called out with a sigh.

His mind went back many years before,
When he galloped this road to his love.
He knew what a-waited at the castle –
Her promise had heated his blood.

He remembered the Hag by the side of the cart,
Her scream for help as he sped by;
He remembered the young girl pinned neath the wheel
But more important things were nigh!

He remembered the chamber in the castle –
Where they lay side by side on the bed,
He knew he had just been to heaven;
The delight that was spinning his head.

Then the warmth disappeared just as fast as it came;
A cold dagger was thrust in his heart;
He leapt off the bed – he’d remembered,
The hag, and the girl neath the cart.

He sped down the road even faster this time,
His priority he knew had been wrong;
He knew he should have stopped – to help,
“God – why is it taking so long?”

At last the cart came into view, where –
He leapt from his horse with a thud,
Calling out loud to the hag and the girl;
Both now dead, ‘neath the wheel, in the mud.

His penance then, was to stand by the road,
His memories ripping his heart;
To look for the hag, the cart, and the girl –
To try to get back to the start.

“Has anyone heard people calling?”
The man in the black cape said.
“Has anyone seen a cart and a girl?”
As the hood blew back from his head.

© Gerald Finlay. 2005. All Rights Reserved.


© gerry 2023
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I like a poem that weaves around a good story so I really enjoyed reading this. 🙂 Sue.


I enjoyed the read and the moral.

Kim x

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