Impossible hibernation


We tried and hard indeed
to just forget about it,
leave it, let it go to hell
as much as they insisted,
all those humbug leaders
of deception of politics,
Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Bushes;
tried to hibernate, go underground
and hide from the aggressions
against all outsidership,
the prophets that were right
and dared to speak out, saying,
“You are wrong!” to all those that were wrong,
while they continued bulldozing the world
and shut up all investigations of the truth,
in murders like of Kennedy and Bhutto,
Politkovskaya and Rainbow Warriors;
but we failed. We never could stay underground,
we never could keep still,
we never could abandon our concern;
and so the demonstration revolution
just keeps rolling on
futilely but heroically
against the established faked world order
that keeps trying to enforce global destruction,
while we poor and underground outsiders
seem to be the only ones
to try to change direction;
and a fact is, let it be a cheer,
the world direction always changed.


© aurelio 2023
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