The Day Peace Broke Out

We think of ideal solutions, but fail to predict the consequences.

The Day Peace Broke Out


Imagine if a peace broke out

In every town and neighbourhood

And that each person in their mind

Forgave the other, turned to good.

We’d then forget the old disputes,

Imagined slights and open wounds,

The thoughts that make you toss at night,

Wake with unease and give you grounds

For carrying on the spite and hate,

The blind dislike and threatened fear

The weakness of inadequates

And would it last a day? A year?

A minute or a second? Then

Someone would look and see a face

Expressionless, with absent gaze

And with a preconceived distaste

Assume it evil, bad or rude

And start again recycled hate

Pick on a tiny word or move

And we’d be back to present state.

© e-griff 2023
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Ah, how we create divisions with ” itsts” and “isms” We are all made from the same stuff and most of us want the same things: To live in peace, prosperity and harmony.. Why then do we find it impossible to live together peacefully?
Very thought provoking write.


A perceptive thought cleverly expressed in rhyme.


Imagine all the people living for today… as a troubadour once sang, Enjoyed your poem… very perceptive. Regards, Mick.

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