Digital bureaucracy


Bureaucracy is a machinery invented by autocracy

to handle individuality in order to destroy it

and make it appear as if it never had existed.

No one is accountable for bureaucratic casualties

since these have simply disappeared without a trace

in paperwork, lost in postponement, fallen between chairs,

forgotten, sorted out and gone to waste and shredding.

Digital bureaucracy is even worse.

You have no terminal to turn to,

no right of appeal, no means for a complaint,

no questions are allowed except those already spelled out,

and there will never be an answer,

since your queries never reach a destination,

or if they do you never get to learn about it.

That’s how I was sorted out of facebook,

that’s how any digital establishment is working;

so if there’s no justice in authorities of government,

there’s even less when you get lost in digital bureaucracy.


© lailaroth 2023
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