Running Home to Mother.

A very old one, the breaking out…the birth. The day everything changed, forever.





One day my mind just broke.

It fractured, in sympathy with my heart.
Like a Ming Vase invisibly flawed
from countless previous knocks
which left it looking intact,
but inside, the porcelain was cracking.

That dreadful day when trust was shattered
along with my illusion of my perfect love.
My world fragmented and became
just broken china on the floor
ready to be swept up and discarded.

I needed to get to the forest
as a drowning man needs air.
So I ran from the office and the phone,
drove to the honesty of the evergreens
and cried out among the trees for help.

Tall branches against a faint blue sky
soft moss under my feet…
Mother Nature put her arms around her hurting child
singing softly the lullaby of creation
and endless spring times
to my bruised and bleeding spirit.

© stormwolf 2023
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You have said so much here in so few words – excellent poetry.
Hope it’s not a personal experience…
Gerry x


A very moving poem., Alison. Nature certainly has great healing qualities. Just a walk in the park can do wonders for cleansing thoughts and emotions, I find. I really love the last stanza.
Eira x

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