The Not Yets

Saw a documentary about mental illness in which a woman had hallucinations. She called these entities the Not Yets

The Not Yets

First they came in my dreams. Then they

were at my bedside when I awoke.

Then they said they would torture me.

Then they said they would kill me,

then torture me. Then they killed me.

Now they torture me.

Now they are

The Yets.


© basetrojan 2020
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In a sad way, this is quite funny, basetrojan. Problem is there are a lot of opportunists critical of black humour waiting to pounce, so the response may well suffer. I don’t know whether the logical progression is yours or hers, but, it is typical of how the sufferer tries to follow the intentions of, for them, external tormenters. Using the “The Yets” as the “The Not Yets” that have arrived, shows the workings of the clever brain, as genius is only one step from insanity.

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