Brexit Blues

Article 50: Article of faith?

In the EU’s negotiations we hope to reach
a fair agreement that doesn’t disappoint.
They want us to pay following the breach
but sixty billions might be a sticking point.
The optimists say that with give and take
a satisfactory outcome will be achieved
for our people’s and the continent’s sake
and that everyone will be mighty relieved.
Some may be genuine, some sycophants.
Among warnings of dire doom and gloom
doubters notice that there are elephants
inside  the government’s cabinet room.
The rights of workers we have to protect,
that’s what Jeremy, with O’Donnell, cries,
many have spoken at length on the subject
and they have told us no end of pork pies.
But although the party faithful share
the validity and wisdom of this viewpoint
they are continually looking elsewhere
for an electable new leader to appoint.
Some worry about a large immigration,
say that too many are allowed on our shore.
Others respond that they help our nation
and for this reason we should have more.
Eccentric ideas and suggestions are legion:
remain in Europe or we become independent;
but the wish list varies from region to region
and it is irreconcilable to a certain extent .
Opponents say that the Tories are shifty,
that  in their opinion the Brexit is too hard
and,  following the triggering of Article 50,
it’s hard to know who holds the trump card.
© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2020
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I liked this. Not too partisan, and includes main points


Very clever Luigi without laying too many cards on the table, But reading between the lines I think I know which way you are leaning 😉


Well done Luigi,
Like you,, being German,’ I too am only a neutral observer,who is very interested what the outcome will be. Be lucky,


I think we’re going to sail through the negotiations with tough and resolute Theresa at the helm, and at least 20 of the EU countries will, before the end, get things into proper perspective, in spite of bullying pressure from the Franco-Germanics, and the low intelligence and representative value, of the European Assemby, by acknowledging Britain’s quite recent role in freeing them from supremo dominance, which will also healthily decentralise the EU again. Jeremy Corbyn’s genuine, and compassionate sensibility will win through in the end and he’ll become PM in 2022. The UKIP will disband, for it only ever was… Read more »

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