Permanent exile



No news to me.

I was born that way,

an alien in an alien world,

where nothing seems to have been made for me

but rather to exclude me from all possibilities,

obliging me to find alternatives

of clandestine, occult and underground societies

not only outside law but outside everything

in a community of anonymity and shadows

with the one advantage, though, that you could from the outside

see the mundane hopeless world of vanity with clarity

and keep a healthy mind and body unafflicted

by the mental illness which is all society,

corrupted by materialism, fanaticism and stress

unto the unawareness of the global euthanasia

of media brainwash, poisoned junk food, slavery and serfdom

by the economic thralldom of the blind surveillance state

of inhumanity, insensitivity and denaturalisation.

Of course, whatever would be better to all this as an alternative,

and actually an exile of some permanence would be a privilege.

© lailaroth 2023
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Well it’s an interesting write, had to read it a couple of times. Is this you, or just a bad day? I found it a little overwritten, but then what do I know. I should add that I liked it. Thanks for posting.


It’s well written and has an interesting message that a lot of people would relate to. I think that purely as a poem, it doesn’t work completely because some of the concepts are too wordy to have that brevity and snap needed for free verse. That’s just my opinion. It was still well worth reading though.

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