The Circus is Coming to Town

Election fever. From May…to June.

They are coming to your city, village or town
with razzmatazz and a flourishing fanfare
to confront politicians and have a showdown
because they believe that the people care.
I am talking of course of the fourth estate
that is like a circus with bloodthirsty lions
which some reporters are keen to imitate
as they assail candidates in great battalions.
What brought about this flurry of interest
is the recent  announcement of an election
that’s supposed to be the government’s test
for wanting to make a change of direction.
The media will despatch their biggest guns
to interview ministers and backbenches too.
With relentless tenacity they are the ones
who will also examine the opposition view.
Not all are tactful in their interrogation;
if a newshound acts like a clumsy clown
the outraged persons of the voting nation
will no doubt shoot the questioner down.
© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2023
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Good poem Luigi. Don’t gey me started about Brexit and the BBC 😉
I’m all for getting out ASAP – maybe it’s my age 😉

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