Lonely Tomorrows

An older piece, inspired by a fiddle tune…

Neil Gow’s slow Scots air at the Death of his Wife;
Was written in silence and sorrow.
It tells through a fiddle the joy of their life;
And the loneliness coming tomorrow.

I hear it each time as if hearing anew;
This old Fiddler’s prayer of Thanksgiving.
And I ask, could I write it if I had lost you?
And I was the partner still living.

It speaks from the strings,from the box and the bow;
Redeeming a promised hereafter.
His wife can be heard when the music dips low;
With the tears they have shared and the laughter.

It’s a story of longing, belonging, regret;
Which proclaims that his love never wavers.
You can tell that her voice still remains with him yet;
Whispered softly in minims and quavers.

© franciman 2021
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Beautiful rhyme and flow wrapped around a heart tugging story. 🙂


Lovely one this. If I was to be “pedantic”, I would point out that fiddles don’t have frets – perhaps “from the box and the bow;” ?

Might I also suggest “Whispered softly in crotchets and quavers.”? – there are far more crotchets than minims in Neil Gow’s music (but there perhaps I’m being ultra-pedantic!). Really enjoyed this one Franciman. Elfstone


I am a complete ignoramus about frets and bows or minims and quavers but I can still be moved by a piece of of music and can appreciate the sentiments expressed by this soulful poem.


Though the points may be valid, we all can agree it’s a beautiful poem.

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