Incurably invulnerable


Since I loved you
and gave you my first love
there has never been another,
since you alone was ever faithful
at least in spirit,
no matter who they were
and what they were, how many
and how dubious,
all the others,
all those false alternatives,
all those who thought it opportune
to love you less than I.
My love never changed
and never lost in spirit,
never grew in age
but only in maturity,
and it remains all yours,
my love,
my only love,
in spite of all the efforts in the world
to sabotage, obstruct and kill our love
which was invulnerable
from the start,
since it existed
long before we even were conceived.

© aurelio 2023
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Who can say they never loved another if only in thought.
Destiny is a strange path

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