Suspension of Belief

A whimsical piece

We summoned him from darkness.
Attracted by warm remembrance
he elbowed a place by the fire.
No whispers. No tall-tale telling,
extolling the rolling tumbleweed
of our tombstone towns.
At last, at length,
he spun a home-grown fable;
and all the table round
found common-grounded pleasure.

© franciman 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Whimsical indeed… got me cogitating.


As you know , I left a comment….it’s disappeared


A very atmospheric poem showing a community’s need for something new, something different that can only come from a stranger.
This is no act of kindness, I sense they need him more than he needs them.
He isn’t grateful- he ‘elbowed a place by the fire’ and in his own good time gave them what they required and their kindness is based on their need for something new.
A very effective poem with traces of religious connotations that add to the mystery.

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