Suspension of Belief

A whimsical piece

We summoned him from darkness.
Attracted by warm remembrance
he elbowed a place by the fire.
No whispers. No tall-tale telling,
extolling the rolling tumbleweed
of our tombstone towns.
At last, at length,
he spun a home-grown fable;
and all the table round
found common-grounded pleasure.

© franciman 2020
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critique and comments welcome.
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Whimsical indeed… got me cogitating.


Even if as you know, I’m very suspicious of religious connotation, to me, this comes over as a wonderful, understated metaphore for anything, or even an elusive specific something, a quality, that keeps us humans together, some sort of cohesive force that allows us to thrive together irrespective of subject or situation. Good to see your name again, Jim, and thanks for your fine support for this novice intruder on my prose work, which fortunately I just managed to read before it went AWOL, much obliged for making a plea for flexibility!


As you know , I left a comment….it’s disappeared


A very atmospheric poem showing a community’s need for something new, something different that can only come from a stranger.
This is no act of kindness, I sense they need him more than he needs them.
He isn’t grateful- he ‘elbowed a place by the fire’ and in his own good time gave them what they required and their kindness is based on their need for something new.
A very effective poem with traces of religious connotations that add to the mystery.

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