Sweet Dreams

A dream can seem so real 🙂


I seldom remember my dreams, on the few occasions that I awaken with some recollection from the land of nod, it is always a fleeting image. Too vague to describe, yet I know I’ve visited fantasy land during the wee small hours between dusk and dawn. Last night was an exception to the norm, and not the first time I have experienced this phenomena.

I must have drifted off to sleep, the last thing I recall was watching Star Wars on the TV. What is this pressure on my body, something, or someone is trying to force me through the mattress to god knows where.

The more I struggle, the tighter the grip on my limbs. GET OFF ME! I silently scream, the sweat dissolves my courage. I am helpless, like a frightened little boy, terrified by this invisible assailant holding me in a vicelike grip.

WAKE UP! FIGHT BACK! My every instinct tells me this is just a nightmare, yet why can I not simply open my eyes, and banish this terror from the twilight mists to the darkness of defeat. I feel as if I am already awake, if that is so then this evil spectre is even more terrifying than before.

Am I being tortured by a poltergeist, or haunted by some force from beyond the land of the living. Logic tells me that’s ridiculous, I’ve never believed in ghosts, surely séances are just a cruel con to milk hard earned cash from the gullible. I’ve always believed that mediums are charlatans, preying on those who miss their lost loved ones and will grasp at any straw to forge a bond with the souls of the departed. Now I’m not so sure.

Still I can’t break free, I am unable to muster the physical strength to force this demonic entity to release me. I am sinking, falling through the floor to a twilight world where everything I know to be true is turned upon its head.

My analytic mind is the only weapon left in my armoury, maybe I’ve been abducted by aliens. But that’s absurd, or at least I think it’s absurd. THINK MAN THINK! If you discount the possibles and eradicate the probables, what is left must be the truth.

With logical thinking Mr Spock would’ve been proud of, I’ve come to the conclusion that one of Spielbergs’ fantasy creations for the silver screen has come to pay me a visit.

I hear a strange voice in the distance, Darth Vader is trying to tell me something:

WAKE UP, WAKE UP! the voice shouts at me with menace in the tone.

I roar my defiance so loudly, I interrupt my nightmare and sit bolt upright in my space ship.

I look across the, at an angry wife, I’ve just kicked out of bed.



My sheepish grin does me no favours, so I simply say sorry dear, sweet dreams. 

© popeye 2023
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HaHa! Enjoyed the read. After some of my dreams lately anything is possible


I can relate to this: I actually dreamed I was in a fight and had to apologise to my partner for lashing out at her in my sleep! Entertaining read.

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