On the Beach


I sit on a seaside bench

scarred through the ages by the carvings

of numerous lovers.

How many are still together?

I wonder.

I think of you.

The gulls, threatening and screeching,

dive and swoop with a vitality

that leaves me breathless.

As I am old, there i said it

their behaviour both impresses and threatens 

my lonely world.

The waves too are passionate

crashing headlong, bullying, a tired beach.

Wrapped up for protection I barely feel

the sun’s assault.

I long for you but know you are gone.

Everything changes on a personal level

but in the wider scheme of things

nothing really does.

I miss your touch

and your fearless smile.

But i am just a coward.

© Aramis 2020
critique and comments welcome.
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Very evocative, descriptive but not overwritten. I got the picture of an old guy, alone, in a seaside town in winter with just his memories for company.


A pleasant flowing narrative as events happen without being stilted, which I personally like, Aramis. This fine first sub of yours would look and read a lot better with a little extra effort during subbing or you can do it now by clicking on “Editing” in the “Submission Details box, right of page: remove the intro and main text instructions, and black line, also using your mouse cursor (or touch pad cursor on laptop), from the first letter drag it over the text so that all becomes blue and then when all highligted click on “1” in the lower toolbar… Read more »

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