On the Beach


I sit on a seaside bench

scarred through the ages by the carvings

of numerous lovers.

How many are still together?

I wonder.

I think of you.

The gulls, threatening and screeching,

dive and swoop with a vitality

that leaves me breathless.

As I am old, there i said it

their behaviour both impresses and threatens 

my lonely world.

The waves too are passionate

crashing headlong, bullying, a tired beach.

Wrapped up for protection I barely feel

the sun’s assault.

I long for you but know you are gone.

Everything changes on a personal level

but in the wider scheme of things

nothing really does.

I miss your touch

and your fearless smile.

But i am just a coward.

© Aramis 2023
critique and comments welcome.
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Very evocative, descriptive but not overwritten. I got the picture of an old guy, alone, in a seaside town in winter with just his memories for company.

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