The seven stages of love


It starts so easy and so pleasant –
you start in paradise and just enjoy it.
Then the long way down begins.

The second stage is still an easy crisis,
when communication fails
and is replaced with gradual mistrust.

Then comes the third stage and the real crisis,
when deceit has formed and one is made a victim
while the other enters on the path of dubiousness.

The fourth stage is the melancholy limbo,
when delusion is a fact and only memories remain
of how delightful, wonderful and great it could have been.

Then comes the fifth stage, the enforcement,
when you fight refusing to give up and claim your love
with any right by any means
and fail in total personal defeat,

which brings you to the sixth stage,
when you are forced by destiny to be a realist,
admit your failure and look through all falseness,
recognize that love can be abused and is misused.

The seventh stage is the transcendence,
when in spite of all you stay on line in love
and broaden it to mature universalism
including all and laying down all selfishness
to recognize the true love of enduring quality
completely free and independent of all mortal means.


© aurelio 2023
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A very thought provoking write. Love certainly changes over time.

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