To Anaïs – A Lover I Met On The Way

I had a dream

I had friends who dreamed

I had dreams that showed me my dream

I had an insistence

I had to obey.


You must slip off the velvet chains

You must loose your questor spirit

You must unlock the magick

You must discover the hidden path or

You must suffocate.


What is?  Who is?  Where is?

What is the time?

What is the date?

What is this place?

What is the purpose?


I bade goodbye to wife

I bade goodbye to children

I bade goodbye to dreaming friends

I bade goodbye to all that I was and

I bade goodbye to all I thought that I might become.


Ah that was me in youthful zeal

Ah that was when the breeze was fresh and clean

Ah that was when I laughed at danger and the rain 

Ah that was when I could dance and sing

Ah that is the question – will I dance and sing again?


The time is near

The time to slip away

The time to uncover

The time to discover more truth

The time to move on.


Goodbye, Anaïs

Thank you for what you are

Thank you for what you were


Goodbye, Anaïs

Thank you for the days

Thank you for the nights


Goodbye, Anaïs

Thank you for the wine

Thank you for your smile


Goodbye, Anaïs.

© coolhermit 2023
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Reminds me of Leonard Cohen – and that’s a compliment.

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