Cavea del Oceano

Had a sunny retreat recently to kick-start my writing again. All comments/suggestions welcome, e.g. how to get the ‘accent’ over the ‘e’ in Cesar.  :^) Thanks x

Cavea del Oceano


Perhaps Barceló lives in

the ocean front Cesar Manrique

lava bubble-inspired house.

Reminds me of Highway One –

the hippy zone. Homes

at home with Pacific cliffs.

This sea-cave is made to

look like the perfect hermetic retreat.

It burrows into a bay – its non-identical twin

is a turret to the west.

In the magma-darkened, cobalt Atlantic

two men swim together.

I imagine they’re bankers

from Frankfurt, bobbing in

the water, free and away

‘on business’

away from wives.

A conference in Spain, Schatz

flight to Lanzarote.

A win-win – it’s no sin

the wives shop together

purchase new lingerie.

Sabine shows Nadine

the red, lacy corset.

Nadine nods though she knows

Fritz doesn’t like tits

on a woman.

She once tried to tempt him

into her closet.


© kats 2020
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critique and comments welcome.
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An interesting and enjoyable read Kim, though “Fritz doesn’t like tits” is going to resonate in my busy head all weekend! I’ll leave useful critique to the literary intelligentia, but the problem with accent ´ (é) over the e should be easy to achieve: On standard UK qwerty, the accent ´is far right on third row, used with either ALT or ALT GR. (left or right ALT on Macs). On German qwerty (if a present from when he loved you) it’s top right to the left of BACKSPACE (with SHIFT needed only to get the accent ´ going backwards. instead… Read more »


German bankers at large. They probably scared away the great white sharks. I can’t offer any significant critique, Kim. I just enjoyed your poem. Take care, Mick.

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