Cavea del Oceano

Had a sunny retreat recently to kick-start my writing again. All comments/suggestions welcome, e.g. how to get the ‘accent’ over the ‘e’ in Cesar.  :^) Thanks x

Cavea del Oceano


Perhaps Barceló lives in

the ocean front Cesar Manrique

lava bubble-inspired house.

Reminds me of Highway One –

the hippy zone. Homes

at home with Pacific cliffs.

This sea-cave is made to

look like the perfect hermetic retreat.

It burrows into a bay – its non-identical twin

is a turret to the west.

In the magma-darkened, cobalt Atlantic

two men swim together.

I imagine they’re bankers

from Frankfurt, bobbing in

the water, free and away

‘on business’

away from wives.

A conference in Spain, Schatz

flight to Lanzarote.

A win-win – it’s no sin

the wives shop together

purchase new lingerie.

Sabine shows Nadine

the red, lacy corset.

Nadine nods though she knows

Fritz doesn’t like tits

on a woman.

She once tried to tempt him

into her closet.


© kats 2023
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German bankers at large. They probably scared away the great white sharks. I can’t offer any significant critique, Kim. I just enjoyed your poem. Take care, Mick.

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