The power of darkness

And would I not love
when I am loved
and love get in return?
Would I not then be loyal
to my love and stick to it
fanatically and consistently
when he has not deserted me?
It is not love if you are not prepared
to suffer for it and to sacrifice.
It is not love if you do not get hurt,
if you are spared and never wounded
by its massacres and spearheads through your body,
if its sword does never pierce your heart
in merciless excruciating agony and suffering.
It is not love if you do not get persecuted for it,
tortured and harassed by envy
and reported for your qualities,
informed against for your attraction and discarded.
I was hunted down and exiled by this world
of baseness and misunderstanding,
brought down by iniquity, the meanness of injustice
and the lowness of vulgarity, hypocrisy and falsity;
so would I not prefer the opposite dark forces then,
denounce the ruling powers of this mundane world
and give myself entirely with all my trust
to darkness and the power of the dark lord?
If there ever was something I never did regret
it was the honesty of my commitment in accepting
trustfully his power over me and life and everything
as the dark force of fate maintaining, ruling and commanding
all the universe and all its life by spiritual power only.

© lailaroth 2023
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