The story of another red riding hood

Wolves, in search of sheep
To eat their flesh and keep
The skin
As their clothing
To mingle with the cattle
From Tokyo to Seattle
Conceited lot claiming to be saintly
So merrily, so freely.

Dressed as sheep
Fearfully beg for respect and worship
Their dirty nasty Alpha Muscle
Careful and safe, cradles
Under the mask of stewardship
So merrily, so freely.


The stage trembles
The curtain raises
Their mask falls
Sheep! They don’t anymore resemble.

Jumps out of their skin
The surprised cattle
Sees what is
True and what is false
Beyond ease.

All this while
Hiding and honing their style
The wolves were policing them
From Mecca to Jerusalem
Their own skin
The culprits used, to fake as kin
Lying loose on the ground, now dead for good,
Vegetarian predators naked, once and for all
Off their skinny, misfit wherewithal
Lose the battle.
The sheep just wrote anew
The story of another red riding hood.

© supratik 2023
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