Over the Arctic

The travel route over the Arctic to the Asian capitals has become primary.

The Ancients were a group of young English artists who were brought together around 1824 by their attraction to archaism in art and admiration for the work of William Blake who was a generation older than the group. They met in Blake’s apartment, dubbed the “House of the Interpreter”, and at the home of Samuel Palmer in the village of Shoreham.

             Over the Arctic waste to Asia’s multitude,
Vast immensity, undisciplined array,
Cellular distinctiveness, flowing organic maze,
Patterns of precedent slide over the billiard ball;
Geography reduced to nourishment,
Cuisine’s mindful energy,
Body position the eternal pole.
What was it that ruled the waves
Came over the velvet shore like rain?
Something transformative unscrolled.
The Ancients deep in the corn,
A starry canopy inflamed.
Shackled to the starlight,
Sold on the gravitational exchange,
Language called us by name.

© ross 2023
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I like this a lot but although I have read it several times I can’t seem to ‘understand’ it. There’s no doubt that it is my own fault I’m not clever enough, so I will content myself with simply enjoying it :-). Sue.

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