Things We Keep


As we are relocating,
I hear my spouse utter,
we must very soon
get rid of the clutter.
She speaks her mind
and is quite empathic:
we have too much stuff
in the garage and the attic.
Why do we keep things
that have no more use?
They represent memories,
is the usual excuse.
I am sentimental,
some say too soft,
about all the rubbish
stored  in my loft.
One would be amazed
at what’s in a crate:
an old pen, an almanac
and a roller skate;
a newspaper cutting
about Jimmy, my son,
for a sporting achievement
he was said to have done;
(why he won the trophy
there is no mention
although at the time
drew a lot of attention);
there’s also a photo
of an old flame,
I remember her face
but I’ve forgotten her name.
I’ve finally acceded
to my wife’s desire
that the assembled jumble
should go on a bonfire.
© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2020
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Yes, our propensity to collect and hold on to…just in case…or trying to retain historical moments and their memories in evidence form…perhaps in the vain attempt to resist change….sizing down reveals all. Skilled short rhyming about a situation known to us all….that’s a joy to read Luigi. The photo of the old flame thrown on too gave the wife the greatest satisfaction on seeing the bonfire smoke!


I have lots of bits and bobs saved when I see them. touch them again I remember who I was and I can return if only for a short time to more comforting and ‘safe’ times. I could never cast them out as you so bravely did.
I enjoyed reading your words and the memories they pulled forward.
Great rhyming too. Sue.


I can second all you say, we’re all guilty of the same

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