Knocked about


A kind of manifesto


I never had any objection
against being knocked about,
since every blow was something of a lesson,
and I always did enjoy my education.
I actually preferred continuing ever as a pupil
sitting by the desk like an eternal student
to my natural professionalism as a teacher.
However, there was urgent need of education everywhere,
as that has always been the dominating problem of humanity:
stupidity and ignorance and lack of knowledge,
which you must achieve by insight above all.
The deepest insight is philosophy,
the highest school of all, the university of which
is being most efficient as the school of hard knocks.
What is then my own philosophy?
I always could identify with stoicism
and the elevated standard and serenity of Marc Aurelius,
while no religion ever could teach me anything,
until I found the mystery phenomenon of satanism
as inexhaustible for occult exploration,
personal development and universal insight.
It was basically Aleister Crowley and his quests
that fascinated me, and later on the strange experiments
of the debatable but learned Anton Long,
whose path into an abyss of unlimited awareness
I made into my own, aware ineed that there was no return.
Nevertheless, life went on knocking me about,
and as I was knocked out of Facebook
I saw that as just another lesson.
I will not return unless I get my old account back,
which I used for mainly sharing my own education.
I was probably reported out by someone
who had problems with relationships and women,
like all muslims have, so it was not my fault
that I am still attractive at my age
provoking the temptation to knock me about.
My natural protection of long hair and anonymity
has evidently only served to worsen my vulnerability,
a persecuted target of unreasonable irritation,
so I will just continue being as I am, provocative,
by staying out of reach by my detachment
of philosophy against all efforts of society and men
to try to put me down by any effort to control me.

© lailaroth 2023
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