Monteverdi, Orpheus and their lost wives

Claudio Monteverdi was the leading composer of the 17th century. He made the first opera “Orpheus” in 1607.


Claudio worked for years
on that incredible experiment,
the opera, the very first one,
celebrated now four centuries,
but working too hard on it,
his poor wife got lost and died,
and Monteverdi never could get over it.
His opera was the supreme success,
it started avalanches of successes;
but just as Orpheus failed
in getting back his wife,
so Monteverdi lost his wife forever.
He resigned and moved to Venice
to commence a different career
as church musician in St. Mark’s
and was successful all his life as such,
for thirty years encore,
but never, and not even in his finest music,
managed to retrieve the unjust theft
of his beloved wife from death,
the falsest thief of all,
who never can get punished
and never will return a stolen life.


© aurelio 2023
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