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The last thing you said was “Enjoy what you do.” I hope you don’t mind my asking but is that one of those valedictory imperatives like “Have a nice day” somebody coined without realising that they are extremely difficult if not impossible to act upon? There are many things that I do but I am not able to enjoy them even though I am ordered to do so. Even if I order myself to enjoy them, that does not do the trick either. Moreover, if I seek out activities I have previously enjoyed, that does not necessarily enable me to recapture the sense of enjoyment I previously felt.

You may argue that “Enjoy what you do” is a truncated form of “I hope you enjoy what you do” and that with the passage of time and to facilitate speed of delivery, the “I hope” has been omitted and left as ‘understood.’ The suggestion that you meant “I hope you enjoy what you do” may be well intentioned but I can’t be certain as there is a sarcastic undertone in this expression which implies that you yourself do not enjoy what I do.

Anyway, mind how you go. Have a nice week. See you later.


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As the only time we have is now then we must either enjoy what we’re doing or better still be enthusiastic about it or we must simply accept it warts an’ all!
Take care! 🙂

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