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you like to philosophize and I am glad you share your ideas. is nothingness non-existence in your opinion?


nothingness cannot be Chaos, there is no need for Order. non existence without nothingness is Chaos, there is no Order. existing is part of the Order of things, in Greek the word non existence is anyparksia, which means “without (being) under (anyone’s) authority”. an from anef (without) arks from archi (authority) yp from ypo which means under. (ανυπαρξία) this informs us that there is a state of being which is not chaotic and at the same time it is not ordered by anything, this is freedom, you decide which order best suits your needs. this is the void in which… Read more »


yes we exist. our being is under someone’s authority and/or various authorities. until we find a way to be without existing under authority we will be constricted by the laws of the nature given to us, we do not know who managed to escape from Plato’s cave or if it is achievable.

(I’m Greek by the way, the resident Greek of old ukauthors)

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