I sit through the night

and mourn for the past,

the dreams I once had

at 18 they’d been cast.

I listened one day

to all the wrong things,

I never fought back

so they clipped off my wings.

I want something more

I knew it back then,

but what on earth happened?

my dream changed with them.

Now in deep sadness

unsure of myself,

nothing’s gone well

I am a tough sell. 

© amttorres 2023
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Changed dreams, clipped wings and “Now in deep sadness, unsure of myself,” – I can so very much relate to this. Elfstone.


How adversity can change us and affect our self-confidence. A well constructed and revealing poem.
Welcome to the site.
Best wishes, Luigi.


I liked this very much, I think many will relate, I know I do. Sue.

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