[Latin gravitās, heaviness, seriousness.]

I sit at my desk and write some verse,

with a few insults and a cockeyed view,

and lo! I’m the master of the universe.


All of a sudden I am better than you

whose poems are full of solemnity

which only appeal to the chosen few.


I will be applauded for my bravery

as my opinions are so controversial

that people marvel at my effrontery.


I won’t make a fortune with such guff

because its value is not commercial

but literati relish this audacious stuff.


I am now the hero of the working class,

I speak to them with an earthy language

and don’t give a damn about gravitas.


© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2023
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Ego is an essential aspect of being a writer – you met the first criterion perfectly. And, so to write is from the heart and the head. For anyone who happens to see. And feel – allets


A working class hero is something to be… as a wiser man than me once said.

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