Feathers reign

Their beauty, strength


Gives wings,

Alongside polish and elegance

fluttering deafens

Flesh bedazzles.

Organs, nearly all

Create an invincible wall,

The dysfunctional innocence

With ignorance, arrogance

Enjoys and celebrates

Noise in silence.

Cleanliness continues


Garden of words

Beautiful letters

Aesthetic expressions

Charm comforts

Senses out of the hide

In broad daylight

Still, moving lives suicide

Humming weapons inside

Feathers fall as feathers

From outside to outside.

Clean or muddy

Weak or sturdy

Feathers are feathers

Farther from the flyer

Nesting at ease

In hearts that buzz

Beyond letters and words

Spotless, clear

Silence that speaks.

© supratik 2023
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