Dead to Rights

Just a thought…..

Dead to Rights.


After I died, I awoke in a room I had no previous knowledge of…or how I had arrived.

Spartan in the extreme, there was one chair, I was sitting on that. The room was badly lit. After becoming accustomed to the semi darkness, I observed it was a large rectangular room, with a high ceiling. There appeared to be no windows, just an alarming amount of doors on one wall.

I’m dead in a room with many doors…was the Bible right?

 “In my father’s house there are many rooms”.  In need to think about this.

First, am I really dead?  Well that’s a yes. I was lying in the hospital bed, crying family all around. The machine was flat lining and the Doctor was saying I’m so sorry. Yep I’m dead alright.

Everyone always wonders where they will end up, well most people. I always assumed that in the land of the living lots would carry on happening, just not involving me. The dead were just that …dead.  Yet here I am, in a room with many doors.

In the films I could walk towards the light with someone beckoning at the bright end, no chance of that in this light. It’s the doors option then, but which one, and how to choose?  The toss of a coin I don’t have?  What about just knocking on one….sounds a bit like a Dylan song.

How long have I been here? I’m wearing clothes, but no watch or phone, so no way of telling. Am I waiting for someone to guide me onwards?

Oh I’m fed up with this I need to move on, I’m just going to open the closest one and take it from there.

I’ll let you know what I find out.   


© mikeverdi 2023
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Fascinating Mike, such clarity of vision and imagination, I was held spellbound, and a little uneasy, discomforted with the the idea of all those doors, no sense of time and the strong feeling of aloneness. However the fact you were in your own clothes added some comfort.
Marvellous. Sue xx


Deaths waiting room, really well depicted Mike and the clarity of the writing is excellent and very vivid. Maybe you came in through one of the doors and you should be thinking about getting through the wall 🙂 choice is the only thing that sets us apart.


I enjoyed the imagery this invoked in my mind.

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