A Day At the Races

A relaxing afternoon.

It is nice to recall past moments

that brightened one’s life

like a picnic on Epsom Downs

and watching a brilliant horserace.

I remember the day, in 1981,

when Shergar won the Derby.

Young Walter Swinburn

took him ably past the finish

by a good ten lengths.


We had come on a day outing

organised by our social club;

We did not have to pay to get in

and we made our own way around.

The bookies overcame the hubbub

by giving odds with hand signals .

The favourite at 10-11 didn’t appeal

so I chanced my measly ten bob

on a horse called Glint of Gold.


I didn’t need to be told

that his name was a good omen.

He came second at 13 to one

so not everything was lost.

It wasn’t a fortune I got back

– I was more or less even –

but what pleased me most

was seeing all those thoroughbreds

taking  part in a splendid contest.


© Luigi Pagano 2017



© ionicus 2023
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Ah yes… the sport of kings. You’ve shared a magic memory here, Luigi. I went to Ladies Day at Ascot about 40 years ago when I was an upwardly mobile young man. Never won any money, but did enjoy the races… and seeing the posh fillies in their fancy hats. Enjoyed the read, young man!


With all this talk about queen I assume you’re next poem will be a night at the opera 🙂 I enjoyed the day at the races you capture the essence of the day and the buzz of the place really well. Very much enjoyed, Keith


I know you can and I envy that, For me I have to first connect with the topic and that can be a challenge in itself. Blind is on its way 🙂

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