Cafe verse

I thought I’d spend some time

Sitting writing words that rhyme

Across the road from Banco Sabadell 


And if it all went wrong 

I could use them in a song

Thinking that might work ok as well


So sitting at my table

I thought I might be able

To write some words and tell you how it feels


Drinking coffee on my own

While reprising “All Alone”

And quietly watching other people’s wheels


There are as many ways to live

As there are different ways to give

It doesn’t hurt to give someone a smile


Because the people passing by

And all the travellers in the sky

Only get to wander for a while


We could do a whole lot worse

Before we’re loaded in a hearse

Than think about the way we spend our time


Now it’s time to start the day

So I’ll be getting on my way 

And leave you with this harmless little rhyme


© parsonthru 2023
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Nicely done; gentle but also says some important things. Elfstone


Great song 🙂 only kidding, Many a true word said in rhyme and you got it spot on this time solid meter and end rhymes with a makes you think riff all the way through it. I’ll have an espresso with that smile. Best Keith

 <span title="Experienced Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: orange;">**</span><p>

Jolly good, Parson. I liked this.

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