The priests, politicians, industrialists

Decided for long to man the world

Came running, rushing to the red shore

At once, not to condole

But with folded hands, to implore

Manage the disaster

By the shouldering protagonists

Acting for ages, cornered on the floor.


News reached too late. Now worships, wealth, goods

Craving for attention, for food

Won’t be born, but burn in the woods.

For farmers have decided not to plough anymore,

Women, not to conceive like marionettes of the folklore.

Severed the lines

Fruit between the thighs,

Thoughts now dead, to violate and roar.


The last space dropped in the ocean. Done.

Rulers meek, weak, with lost rank and file,

Piper just left, his tune-trail behind

Crowd crying in turn,

Thirsty, wailing waves

Outside, in the mind

Hurling through the caves

Futile! Sterile!


Terror threats of the nuclear world

Like the erring peace, hollow words.


Intelligent men could never believe,

The need to manufacture Adam and Eve.


Scientists now have eggs on their Face,

They decided to focus on the Outer Space.


Leaders in rupture on this final defeat,

Blaming the flutist for his indecisive feat.


Walls now cracking on the soldiers’ Earth,

Resting in peace one species birth.

© supratik 2023
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