Quintessentially British

For the ‘essential’ challenge

“Too many asylum seekers!

They’re just malingerers

here for the benefits,

the welfare state

and the cushy life.

They should sod off

back to their own countries!

We can’t afford

any more scroungers.”


He was proud

of his skin tone,

embraced xenophobia,

took a far-far-right stance

and felt quintessentially British,

although he’d forgotten

that his Grandfather

was Ariel Rosenberg,

who’d escaped

from Berlin

in 1939.

© Shackleton 2023
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It is an argument that is quite forcefully put forward by some sections of the population but I would question the statement “Too many asylum seekers!’ It is most likely to be ‘too many foreigners’. Being one of them myself I should be sitting on the fence and abstain from any opinion but, in common with other ‘settlers’ I can see that an excessive immigration can put a strain on a country’s resources.
Best wishes from a quintessential Italian.


I see your point and read your reply to Luigi, everyone has the right to survive just not at a nation’s future generations expense don’t you agree?
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