Safe haven of an earthly paradise,
untouched by devastating holocausts,
that left all Tibet and Kashmir in ruins
by political atrocities and civil wars,
you stayed up in the clouds
untouchable by earthly powers
in your prayers, monasteries and traditions
intact and unbroken since a thousand years;
and thus you keep on flourishing in cozy comfort
isolated eight months every year
by severest winters closing up all passes
to let you in peace run festivals all winter
in your harmony and happiness that seems incurable.
And yet, you are in some ways leader of the world
in reasonable ecological economy,
for you a must, since you are always short of water,
but which system of co-operation admirably high developed
to make life in hard conditions possible at all
the whole world needs to learn a lot of.
Thrive in peace and arduous hard work,
and teach the world about your harmony and virtue,
blessed mountain kingdom far away
beyond the landscapes of the moon.


© aurelio 2023
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