Sine Qua Non (Poetry Challenge)

An essential element or condition.

It is essential that the police act on time

when burglars indulge in criminal stints

leaving behind, on the scene of the crime,

forensic traces like clear fingerprints.


It is also critical – and not only essential –

that  their databases are kept up to date

in order to make use of the full potential

so that crime detection can be first-rate.


It is a prerequisite that Scotland Yard

pursue the villains with dynamic vigour,

that the officers involved must try hard

to punish the culprits with utmost rigour.


Gone is the time of Sherlock and Watson

when gut instinct and Holmes’ acumen

plus a woodentop’s traditional truncheon

were the only tools available then.


Now with profilers and fast computers

the forces can gather strong evidence

to provide a case for the prosecutors

so they can get a satisfactory sentence.


As can be observed everything hinges

on the application of perfect precision

and to make sure that nothing impinges

on the outcome of a proper decision.


© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2023
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Enjoyed the read, Luigi. My missus watches ‘Death in Paradise’ whenever it’s on. Amazing how many murders happen on such a small island. No cutting edge technology to solve these crimes… just a bumbling, eccentric Englishman. Good rhyming poem! Take care.


gut instinct VS forensic science

do you really think that gut instinct is no longer essential?


Just a silly question, Luigi. I note you’ve added a picture here. How do you do that? I can’t find a relevant ‘add picture’ button in the ‘submit’ section.


Great. That sounds easy enough. Thank you, my captain!


Love the subtle internal rhymes in this piece Luigi and yes how important and sexy has forensic science become ??

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