Council Meeting


Objection started it:
broke the glass tension.
Words inflamed one corner,
flared around the room.

They leaped to their feet;
drew burning swords
to blaze and scorch;
but, turned back by mirror-wit,

seared themselves,
and caved in,
a divided rubble,
the protest of embers.

From the chair
came a dampening-down,
delayed to perfection,
waving away the stench

of politics, as the school
was extinguished
for good,
with a rubber stamp.



© Nemo 2023
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Love the motion and movement you induce here, The interplay with council ethics and imagery from other sources works really well, keeps it fresh faced and fast paced. Regards Keith


Point of order, Mr. Chairman! I think we should abolish all politics and politicians and just have a band of competent civil servants to keep things ticking over while the rest of get on with living a life. Interesting poem!

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