I’m Sorry


You’d probably remember me

As the one who caused you pain

For ‘tho I loved you – I still hurt you

And now sadly I feel shame

I’m sure you must despise me

And I guess you hate my name

But that’s the way that things turned out

And for that I am to blame.


In time gone by you loved me

And I loved you with a fire

You filled me up with happiness

And feelings of desire

But I treated you so badly

I was unsure what to do

Eventually I broke your heart

when I said we were through.


Now years on I am older

Somewhat wiser, somewhat blue

And I find that I spend idle hours

Deep in thought of you

I wonder if you’re happy

Where you go and what you do

And I wonder who now has the love

Back then I shared with you.


I never shall forget you

Or the heartache and the worry

And with that thought its fair to say

I miss you and I’m sorry.



© marvo 2023
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It seem a bit late for this to be make up poetry, but I guess one never knows. A nice sentiment throughout this, you could cut some of the filling words to give it more punch without losing the flow. I think we can all relate to looking back with regret, so its nice to say sorry.


We enjoy inflicting ourselves with feelings of guilt and regret. In the case of your poem I’m not sure about the use of the second person. Yes, they are your thoughts but they would be equally valid in the the third person. After all you don’t where she is so you can’t send her the poem.


I’m going to agree with Savvi, just a few to many unnecessary words that spoil the flow. In saying this it’s still a good poem and I like it.
In friendship

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