Blessed haven of Tibetan refugees,
they come to you through snows and hardships
across icy passes of six thousand meters
shot at in the process by insentient China soldiers,
as if the oppression in Tibet was not enough,
but escapees must even have to run the gauntlet
across the austerity of the forbidding Himalayas
to in Dharamshala, finally, find freedom
and a human treatment with full dignity
as ordinary faithful human and compassionate Tibetans.

During the horrific holocaust against the Jews
they still in concentration death camps found the means
to make the best af a bad bargain, stay alive,
survive the Nazis and in places even make rebellion,
like in Sobibor, Treblinka and the Warsaw Ghetto,
and in later days look back with some nostalgic tenderness
to those horrific challenge days, remember the communities
and even love that strange existence of extreme conditions.

In the same way the Tibetans face the challenge,
make the best of it and never give up faith or spirit,
certain that one day again Tibet will be set free,
while nothing can redeem the Chinese occupation force
from facing the severest accusations of the facts of history.
Meanwhile, the thriving paradise of Dharamshala
keeps on working hard with meditation and enlightenment
and spreading world wide the immortal message
of the sacredness of freedom, truth, integrity and wisdom,
spiting all the mortal rotten lies of all autocracies in history.


© aurelio 2023
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