Panoramic decorations

Merry Christmas….off travelling and PC free so wont be commenting until Jan, so see you all in the new year. Best Keith

The spinning orb reflects a relaxation room,
dads in his favorite chair sleep will come soon,
mums in the kitchen with carcass and clutter
a festive table cloth, wine gravy and butter.

Crackers pulled and bellies popped,
karaoke crooner thankfully stopped,
dining room chairs needed to lounge,
tired out fairies turn tears into frowns.

Peanut nibble bowls, empty after eights
uncles slipped out again, pub with his mates.
Granddad’s asleep still wearing his hat,
the one from his cracker, not the flat cap.

Presents in piles with paper just thrown,
dog stretched out full and starting to moan,
accordion accompaniment, everyone sings,
these are a few of my favorite things.


© savvi 2023
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