The anti-modernist


Is it wrong to be a realist?
Is clarity to be condemned,
since you are not allowed to be outspoken,
as if direct honesty was something negative,
while shadowy and fishy innuendos were preferrable?
Is downright classicism condemnable then and no more allowed?
What is poetry and verbal art if not free licence
for expressive sumptuousness and loose imaginative speculation?
If you give it then some comprehensible and realistic form
and use some relevant correct syntax and grammar,
so that it approaches something of a style,
is that then to despise, denounce and scrap,
since it is not in line with Ezra Pound and T.S.Eliot,
James Joyce and Samuel Beckett?
What’s wrong with an obnoxious anti-modernist
is that he is so shockingly a so upsetting radical
in the completely wrong direction, since he breaks
with fashion, tendencies and ruling nonsense
and rejects the dissolution of all forms and language,
heading strong against the stream by being clearcut
and demanding realism and comprehensibility;
and is it then so damnably completely wrong?


© aurelio 2023
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