Don’t Call On Me

Just pass me by this year

Cold winds blow through city streets

as winter’s grip takes hold

and grey souls in downbeat worlds

retreat to lies untold.


Rain-lashed pavements now are bare,

the forecast speaks of snow,

but in grim, northern climates

an oasis starts to glow.


Christmas days are here once more,

those warm, enchanting times.

Chance to cast off gloomy dawns,

relive those joyful climes.


But don’t call on me, Saint Nicholas,

just pass me by this year.

Life’s been good to me again,

no cause to shed a tear.


An old girl who lives by me

would welcome your next call.

She’s seen no kin for ages:

no faces to enthral.


I saw a child in council care:

a broken, battered waif.

A visit from such as you

would prove to him he’s safe.


A homeless girl in hospital

gave birth: a damaged boy.

She has no one to share her load,

your smile may bring her joy.


A sad old man walks the streets,

no one has time for stares.

Would you please take hold his hand

and show him someone cares?


Winter’s chill now stalks the land,

those dark, foreboding clouds,

but Christmas cheer brings happiness

to Man’s enduring crowds.


Please call on me, Saint Nicholas,

next year, around this time.

I may be a grey-faced one

in need of love, sublime.

© Shackleton 2023
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Some of us have, and are grateful for, a fortunate life, Mike. We feel that it is our duty to give comfort and support to those not as lucky.
I admire the sentiments expressed in your excellent poem and I would add, by paraphrasing an old clichè, “Social Care is not just for Christmas”.
Best wishes, Luigi.


Very nice poem, well rhymed and with a timeless message. Sue.


So very well written and so truthful.It brought back memories of many years ago,Christmas 1946.I remember a stranger’s kindness to me when I was low.Thank you for sharing this great write,Mike.Have a good Christmas, Peter.


you’re Shackleton?? forgive me for any typos.


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