The Cruise of their Lives


There are some who spend their time
obsessing about lifeboats.
You see them pacing the deck,
counting the lifeboats, checking the ropes,
sitting near the door in the lounge,
guarding their chosen boat.

They’ll have a quiet word with the captain,
surely something can be arranged.
The captain’s not a man of many words,
in fact, he never speaks,
what’s worse, he’s nowhere to be seen.

Someone else will have to do,
put in a good word, know what I mean,
you know the sort of thing.
Trouble is, they’re not reliable,
not like the old man himself.

So they’ll just have to hope for the best,
that it’ll turn out all right,
if the ship goes down.
Not a problem, is it, for people
who don’t spend the trip
obsessing about lifeboats?


© Nemo 2023
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I’ve known folks to spend their whole lives wearing a metaphoric life jacket. All they needed to do was to learn to swim. Enjoyed the read!

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