Red Velvet

A saucy little festive number from Christmas, 5 years ago. It was read more than two thousand times I think. (Shame seem to have lost stats from UKA) 

Posted to show another side to my multi-faceted persona!



Come to me now,
while my moon is high.

I am a stranger in this
frosted, frigid land.
I never was this Ice Queen
nor wear the mantle well.

We have dreams yet to be woven,
works of our art
needing expression.
Soft and fluid as water-colour
rich and nourishing
as oils, splashed
upon my canvass…
reckless and abandoned.

Let’s melt into indigo,
linger in these encompassing
shadows of yearning.
Moving slowly,
as over tightened strings…
liberated, exuberant!
before that shared melody
of Titanium White fusion.

deep, is my desire for you

Dress me,
in red velvet.

© stormwolf 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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“Come to me now,/while my moon is high.” “Deep,/deep, is my desire for you” Phew…is it hot in here or what, luv?! The painting conceit works its magic well in this erotic piece that could have only come from your pen. Dress you in red velvet, indeed! 😉


Blimey! You are a saucy sausage. Did you cancel Christmas like the original ice queen?

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